The Definitive Guide to the Best Aristocratic Males Britain has to Offer

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Arthur Landon

Full Name: Arthur Landon

Age: 29

Title: No title unfortunately, but that's not to say he doesn't have a great pedigree. His father came from a military family and his mother was a descendant of the Hapsburg's (ruling European dynasty)

Fortune: What Arthur lacks in title he makes up for in fortune. Most recent figures place his fortune at around £200 million! How the Landon's came into such a fortune is the stuff of legends in itself, Arthur's father played an instrumental role in a coup in Oman and was, by all accounts, handsomely rewarded!

Arthur Landon is, as Elizabeth Bennett would put it, just what a young man ought to be "handsome, conveniently rich!"
He's also prodigiously talented (which is rather too many good things to be given to one man don't you agree). Arthur works in film; directing, writing, producing, you name it and he does the lot! Not only does he do it but he does it very well, those in the know are tipping him as the director to watch for the future.
Also, unlike some of the other gentlemen in his position, Arthur doesn't court the lime light. His family estate is in Andover, it's a pretty place called Faccombe. Faccombe boasts one inn and I would suggest you don't go around asking questions about their famous family, people are very protective of Arthur!
If you wanted to bump into the beautiful artiste, your best chance would be the Burning Man Art festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.
However, I should warn you any attempt to catch Arthur may come with a huge obstacle. That obstacle is his long-term girlfriend the pretty, vivacious and impossibly slim make-up artist Charlotte Cowen. I say may because I have heard a rumour that they are no longer a couple. But as I always say, if they aren't married there is always a chance.

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  1. pretty informative considering the recent upheaval, but basing a whole blog on eligible British men? i am pretty sure there aren't that many.