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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

George Percy

Full Name: George Dominic Percy

Age: 26 (DOB: 4/5/1984)

Title: Currently styled Earl Percy but is heir to the title of Duke of Northumberland. That alone makes me swoon just a little bit.

Fortune: The Duchy of Northumberland is currently valued at £300 million. This is mainly in the form of property and art. His family seat is the breathtaking Alnwick Castle, which was used in the Harry Potter films. To give you some idea of what it would mean to be the mistress of Alnwick Castle, it is the second largest lived-in castle in the country, only beaten by Windsor castle! As well as Alnwick the Duchy also holds it's London home, Syon Park, land in Scotland and Albury Park in Surrey.

So we've established that George Percy is never going to be short of blunt or somewhere to stay. He's also marvellously well connected. At Edinburgh university he was flatmates with Pippa Middleton, sister of the future royal, and Ted Innes-Kerr, son of the Duke of Roxburghe. A few years ago he was romantically linked with Pippa Midleton, but if that was ever happening it's definitely not any more.
Unlike some of the others in his set George is rarely in the gossip pages and actually comes across as a regular kind of guy loving comedy sitcoms and a good action-packed film. But make no mistake when the time comes for George to step in and start running his family estate he will do it and do it well.
George Percy is just the kind of guy I like to meet; fresh-faced, adventurous and down to earth, the girl who captures his heart will be a lucky one.

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  1. George if ever u wanna bat for the other team I'm yours sexy MWAH!