The Definitive Guide to the Best Aristocratic Males Britain has to Offer

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Jacobi Calthorpe

Full Name: Jacobi Richard Penn Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe (a triple barrelled surname, now you know your in the realms of the aristos!)

Age: 27 (DOB: 10/05/1983)

Title: All 3 parts of his mouthful surname come from notable, ancient, British families. All three held Baronetcies, but Jacobi is the son of a third son so no title for him

Fortune: Well, this is a difficult question. His family are fabulously wealthy and Jacobi is never going to go without designer clothes and fast cars. But his personal fortune is a bit more risky, as I'll explain....

When I was younger I marked Jacobi down as the man I wanted to marry. In my eyes he had it all, he'd done some modelling (gasp, beauty), he played cricket to a high-level (gasp, sporty), he worked in investment banking for a while (gasp, clever) and he was involved in nightclubs (gasp, fun). I still think he's pretty special, although he's fallen off my radar a little as I have zero idea what he's up to!
A couple of years ago his PR Company became another victim of the recession and went into liquidation. He was also previously involved with Whisky Mist, a London nightclub which is still wondrously popular, but I don't think he's in on that any more.
After his PR company went bust he went out to Brazil for a while (undoubtedly in an effort to find himself as people seem to do in foreign countries) but last I heard he was back in London; older, wiser and more handsome than ever.
Meeting Jacobi is just a matter of being at the right events; polo matches are always good (Chinawhites tent at the Cartier Polo day is a must), and the hottest upcoming clubs are his natural stomping ground.

If you find him say hi from me!


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